Details, details and details

    Whether you're working with pixels,sensors or code, details
    will make the difference.

    Question Assumptions

    True innovation and problem solving call us to question
    everything, even our own bias.

    Iterate as a Lifestyle

    We push for perfection, but never at the expense of progress.

    Design is Everywhere

    Everything in our life is designed and is the driving force behind business and culture.

    Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

    What we do

    EXPLiCS is a group of organizations delivering big IT picture. We are operating from the middle of Europe. We already helped large organizations in their IT/Management projects

    In our solution offering we have different software solutions to quick-start projects.

    Architecture for innovation (EA/Solution & Functional)

    Specialized in new technologies, delivering insights on how to manage your innovations.

    IoT Experts

    Experts in delivering IoT expertise. Together with our OBJECTSconnected team we have 10y+ experience.



    Delivering the power en the insights on how to deliver new technology stacks inside your organization.


    Join our team and help change the way designers
    create and craft things for web, mobile and IoT platforms

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